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You know all the big hits by Ed Sheeran, Madonna or Queen almost by heart? And when you listen to the music of Abba, Coldplay or Lady Gaga you can't resist and immediately have to sing along?

Then our Pop Choir Workshop is just perfect for you! Here we sing the classics of Pop history in a choir with several voices . It doesn't matter on which level you sing. In the choir we will work out new songs and you will continuously develop your voice.


  • Are there any requirements?
  • The minimum age is 18 years. Other than that there are no requirements! You can join the choir without having any choir or vocal related experiences. Just bring along the joy of singing and you'll be just right.

  • Who is leading the choir?
  • Our vocal teacher Anna is an experienced choir leader. She studied composition at Jazz School Basel and she has been on tour for years as a musician in Switzerland and Europe.
  • When are the rehearsals and for how long?
  • Every Thursday from 19.00h till 20.30h, so always 90min.

  • Prices
    • Your first time is non-binding and is free of charge.

      With the semester membership for School Of Rock students: CHF 400.- for the whole semester (20 - 25 rehearsals)

      With the semester membership for external participants: CHF 500.- for the whole semester (20 - 25 rehearsals)

      In case of an entry into the membership during the semester the price will be proportionally to the rest of the semester.

    Would you like to be part of the Pop Choir? Every Thursday evening from 19.00h - 20.30h you can join the choir for a free trial workshop. Simply fill out the form below.

Trial workshop contact form

Book a trial workshop right here without any commitment. Book your trial workshop in an easy and fast way by filling out the form below or just call us at 061 331 75 75.

A trial workshop lasts 75 minutes and is free of charge.

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