No other instrument is heard as often as the voice. Singing is the most natural thing in the world – every child likes to sing. Singing is communication and you can let other people experience your own personal expression. No wonder vocals can be found in every modern genre. Without vocals, music would be missing a pivotal essence.

Do you like to sing for yourself or are you in love with being in the lime light? Do you finally want to be able to sing your favourite songs or do you need a new input to broaden your vocal abilities?

Wherever you're at, you decide what your lessons should consist of and your teacher will fully commit to your musical wishes. Do you want to sing Pop songs? Or do you prefer Rock classics? School Of Rock offers lessons in Rock, Pop, Blues, Metal, Jazz and Acoustic. Our modern lesson concept will guide you to your musical goals.

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  • Do I have to sing Rock songs in my vocal lessons?
  • No.Whether you want to sing the latest hits, are interested in Jazz standards or really want to let loose – our singing teachers will completely commit to your personal, musical wishes.
  • I have no previous musical knowledge. Are vocal lessons suitable for me?
  • Yes. There is nothing more natural than singing and it's the easiest and most direct way to music. Of course you can improve your voice through technique and practice, but with singing you can make music right away.
  • I'm not hitting the notes, can I learn that?
  • Yes, that can be learned. And that's exactly what vocal lessons are here for – to learn to cleanly hit each note.
  • I can't read sheet music. Is that a problem?
  • No, it's not a problem. Generally speaking you can sing any kind of songs without sheet music. But there may be situations, where it might make sense to learn to read sheet music. If that were the case, you can just discuss the situation with your singing teacher.
  • Do I have to buy something for my vocal lessons?
  • They only thing you need to bring to your vocal lessons is your voice. Our rooms are modernly equipped so if you'd want to sing with a microphone or accompany yourself with a guitar or keyboard, you'd find everything you need here. We also have a large selection of lesson material (sheet music, backing tracks...) which you can use, so you generally don't have to buy any further material.

Which lesson format suits me?

  • How often would you like to have vocal lessons?
  • Quarterly Membership:
    With the Quarterly Membership you have a fixed appointment and attend lessons every week or every two weeks. This membership lasts for at least one whole quarter and is renewed automatically unless you terminate your contract.

    10 lessons package:
    You buy 10 lessons that you can attend on an irregular basis. You can choose whether to spread the lessons out over a semester or a year
  • How long should one lesson last?
  • We generally recommend 60 minute long lessons. Those who have less time can choose between 45 or 30 minute lessons. For those who would like more freedom in the structure of their lessons would be in good hands with 90 minutes.
  • Do you want to have lessons alone or with a friend?
  • If you take lessons alone, your teacher can fully concentrate on your needs alone. That way you'll quickly make progress.

    With two people you can motivate each other and share the joy and fun of music. In addition you'll benefit from cheaper Duo-conditions. You have to organise your partner for the Duo Lessons yourself.
  • Which appointment suits you?
  • It's important that you have an appointment that works well for you. You're generally able to choose between lessons from Monday to Friday at midday, in the afternoons or evenings. On Saturdays your lessons can take place in the morning or the afternoon.
  • Prices
  • All prices per lesson

    One-on-one weekly     

    30 min: CHF 45.-
    45 min: CHF 63.-
    60 min: CHF 79.-
    90 min: CHF 109.-

    One-on-one biweekly

    30 min: CHF 49.-
    45 min: CHF 68.-
    60 min: CHF 85.-
    90 min: CHF 115.-

    One-on-one 10 lesson package semester 

    45 min: CHF 73.-
    60 min: CHF 89.-
    90 min: CHF 119.-

    One-on-one 10 lesson package year

    45 min: CHF 78.-
    60 min: CHF 95.-
    90 min: CHF 125.-

    Duo weekly 

    45 min: CHF 37.-
    60 min: CHF 45.-
    90 min: CHF 59.-

    Duo biweekly

    45 min: CHF 42.-
    60 min: CHF 49.-
    90 min: CHF 65.-

    Duo 10 lesson package semester

    45 min: CHF 48.-
    60 min: CHF 55.-
    90 min: CHF 69.-

    Duo 10 lesson package year

    45 min: CHF 53.-
    60 min: CHF 60.-
    90 min: CHF 74.-

    Loyalty discount: Students taking lessons at SOR for more than 1 year get rewarded with a loyalty discount

    - After you had 1 year of continuous lessons you get a 5% discount on all offers.

    - After you had 2 years of continuous lessons you get a 10% discount on all offers.

    - After you had 4 years of continuous lessons you get a 15% discount on all offers.


    Do you have a colourkey card? Bring it with you and you benefit from a free trial lesson and a 20% discount on your first 10 lessons.

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